Ruins and Revenge

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Ruins and Revenge

Raine Benares, #9

This is a terrific book and a wonderful saga. This is a continuation/spin off of a previous saga but this time with Tam as the main character. This is the second book in this new storyline and it can be read without having read the previous book but it would be much better if you have read it. (I didn’t but as I already knew some of the characters I thoroughly enjoyed this book.) This story is full of intrigue and adventure. It was like reading an Indiana Jones adventure. There are booby traps, some serious monsters, bad guys and power struggles. From start to finish, there is never a dull moment. Just when I think there would be a break in the action, something else happened. I was definitely on the edge of my seat. And, while it appears that there might be some down time at the end of this story, I’m positive it won’t be for long. This world and the imagination of Ms. Shearin is full of twists, turns and adventures just waiting to happen. I’m so glad that I get to follow along because these stories are not to be missed. This is fantasy at it’s finest!

Tam and his team are after the Heart of Nidaar. They have to get there before their enemies get there and use it to destroy civilization. They have already be exposed to a little of the Heart’s power and it was scary. Now, they are going into uncharted territory. Can they find the Heart? Can they come out alive?

Book Blurb for Ruins and Revenge

An ancient power.

Beneath a mountain on an uninhabited continent is said to be a fabled city, a city occupied by an ancient goblin civilization founded for only one reason—to protect and defend the Heart of Nidaar, an artifact that can harness the forces of nature as a weapon.

An elite team of combat mages.

Chief mage and goblin duke Tamnais Nathrach must help the guardians keep the legendary power out of the hands of a malevolent goblin brotherhood and their otherworldly allies, whatever the cost. Together with his hand-picked team—which includes elf pirate (and team demolitions expert) Phaelan Benares—Tam descends into a vast subterranean world both wondrous and terrifying, a world laid with deadly traps and filled with apex predators from another age.

The countdown to the end of the world.

Some secrets are meant to stay buried. When the Heart of Nidaar is accidentally awakened, and aimed at the west coast of the Seven Kingdoms, Tam and his team are in a race against time to prevent the deaths of millions. To succeed, they must confront their deepest fears, unmask their darkest secrets, and reveal their shameful pasts, testing the bonds of friendship and beyond. To fail means death for them all—and the end of all life in the Seven Kingdoms.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 5.00