Dragons Luck

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Dragons Luck

Griffen McCandles is one of the most pure blood dragons known to be alive. He didn’t know he was a dragon until recently and now he finds himself as the head of a gambling operation in New Orleans. As he works on figuring out how to be a dragon, he looks to others for advice though he doesn’t always follow it. Some of those he trusts aren’t dragons but include the ghost of a voodoo queen and a guy who can control animals. Even though Griffen is a very young dragon, his potential has made him an interest to other head dragons.
One of Griffen’s girlfriends is a spy from one of the eastern branches of dragons. Mai is known to be a spy but she also seems to be a friend. The question is, how far can you trust her? 
Flynn is in the dragon head of the entertainment business. He has his fingers in lots of pies. He sees Griffen as a possible threat and comes to New Orleans to see if he can get Griffen’s trust and allegiance. How far will Flynn go to make sure Griffen is no longer a threat?
George is a dragon hunter. He previously attempted to kill Griffen. Now, he’s back in New Orleans on what he calls a vacation and has asked Griffen’s sister out on a date. Could his visit really be that innocent?
Valerie, Griffen’s sister, has worries of her own. She has just discovered that she’s pregnant and while she knows who the father is, she isn’t happy. She really isn’t happy when the baby’s sister, Lizzy, tries to kill her.
Things really get interesting the week before Halloween when the voodoo queen ghost asks Griffen to be the moderator for a conclave meeting of supernatural beings. Griffen agrees only to wonder what he got himself into as vampires crash the conclave meeting uninvited, a changeling has a crush on him and the shift changers are divided into two camps. When a murder occurs and Griffen is the main suspect, can the real murder be found before the humans learn what these conventioneers really are?
This is the second book in what should be a series of books. Though I greatly enjoyed it, it was obvious at some points that it had a previous book that should be read prior to this one. George attempting to kill Griffen was in the previous book as well as Griffen finding out that he is a dragon. Still, the story kept me interested and entertained as Griffen learns what it means to be a dragon.
The characters were very well done. Each had its unique characteristics and personality giving them interest and a certain mystery in some cases. George, though a dragon hunter, is known not to kill unless he’s being paid. Mai is truly a friend to Valerie and yet she is also a spy. Griffen recognizes that he is being thrust into a position of power and he’s not sure he’s ready. Each character is wonderfully done and a joy to read about.
The setting is New Orleans but it’s a New Orleans as seen by a native. You get off the main tourist streets and visit the side streets, the places where the locals go. The views are those of the locals and the perspectives are local as well. Why pay for a 5 star restaurant when the food is just as good at some of the small out of the way places and costs half as much! It is easily apparent that Mr Asprin knows New Orleans and is sharing that knowledge with his readers.
There are lots of plots and subplots going on throughout the story and many are weaved together at certain points yet each is very well done and helps solidify the story. With that much going on it takes an expert story teller to keep each part interesting and to not confuse the reader and Mr Asprin does this with expertise.
I loved this story and plan on finding the first book. I would love to read more about Griffen, Valerie, Mai and all the rest of the characters. I’m not sure that will happen though as Mr Asprin died in 2008. I can only hope that he had notes on future books and one of the authors he use to work with might pick up on this interesting series.

Book Blurb for Dragons Luck

The New York Times bestselling author scales new heights in his series of Big Easy-dwelling dragons...

Griffen McCandles is adjusting well to running his gambling operation in the French Quarter of New Orleans and to his newfound status as head dragon. Other dragons are getting a whiff of his reputation, though, and they're not happy about it. Which is why there's suddenly a hit out on him.

And, just in time for Halloween, the ghost of a voodoo queen wants Griffen to moderate a supernatural conclave. And though the strange goings-on will barely be noticed in a city used to drunken conventioneers and wild revelers, it's Griffen's chance to spread his wings—or crash and burn.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00