City of Ruins

City of Ruins by Kristine Kathryn Rusch is the second book that features her character, Boss, who loves to dive derelict spacecrafts. In this sequel to her popular, Diving Into The Wreck, Boss and her team have come to investigate the city of Vaycehn where archeologists have died exploring the endless caves below the city. "Death holes" explode into the city for no apparent reason and Boss believes that the mysterious and dangerous Stealth Tech is involved. While searching for what the death holes are, she will uncover more than she expects that will change her and her universe forever.

The story is very tense and when Boss dives into the ships (especially dealing with the underground scenes), you get a strong sense of danger and almost claustrophobia as Boss describes her work. The lead character, Boss, is a strong character who makes mistakes, but is very practical and is more of a loner than a member of a team. At times she reminds me of Temperance from the TV series, Bones, as she is has a hard time relating to her team. It is also interesting to see how she compares to her team and the Captain. The history of the ship and technology is interesting as well and will keep readers looking for more to see what the ramifications will be from each discovery. The writing is simple and doesn't bog down though at times the story does slow down on the pace due to what is happening on the ship or underground.

Highly recommend for fans of sci-fi, adventure and those who would be fascinated by "diving" on a derelict ships. I give this one 4 starts out of five. I would also recommend picking up the first book as it is just as good as this one.

Book Blurb for City of Ruins

Boss, a loner, loved to dive into derelict spacecraft adrift in the blackness of space...

But one day, she found a ship that would change everything—an ancient Dignity Vessel—and aboard the ship, the mysterious and dangerous Stealth Tech. Now, years after discovering that first ship, Boss has put together a large company that finds Dignity Vessels and finds “loose” Stealth Technology.

Following a hunch, Boss and her team come to investigate the city of Vaycehn, where fourteen archeologists have died exploring the endless caves below the city. Mysterious “death holes” explode into the city itself for no apparent reason, and Boss believes Stealth Tech is involved. As Boss searches for the answer to the mystery of the death holes, she will uncover the answer to her Dignity Vessel quest as well—and one more thing, something so important that it will change her life—and the universe—forever.  

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.00