The Meruk Episodes I-V

This is one you don’t want to miss! Levigne has given us a character that the reader comes to love and admire. Each turn of the page brings a new challenge for Maruk and gives us more of the engaging portrait that makes this character come off the page and into one’s heart.
From his beginning as an ordinary university student with an interest in Hoven history, through his discovery of what his dreams really mean, and on to the beginning of his journey to find answers which seems to bring even more questions than when he started.
I think you’ll find this a page-turner from start to finish and a heart-warmer from beginning to end as I did.

Book Blurb for The Meruk Episodes I-V

You've read about the hit Tri-V series "Hoven Quest". Now read the short stories Kendle Fyx originally wrote, that inspired the series ... and brought about the final battle between Hoveni and Set'ri, with the whole universe watching.

Meruk was just an ordinary university student. A piece of Hovenu jewelry left for him by his parents when they died sparked an interest in Hovenu history and culture that became his major course of study -- archaeology. A fascinating discovery on a summer dig led to strange dreams of actually being a Hoven ... and when thieves attacked the dig site, Meruk learned those dreams were true -- he was a Hoven, and with his secret revealed, he had to flee for his life.

These first five stories track the beginning of his quest for information, for understanding of what it means to be a Hoven, and for a way to find others like him. Meruk realizes early on that if he can find a way to reunite the Hoven race, maybe they can live in safety and freedom once more.

These are just the first five "episodes." More will follow!

Note: These episodes are written in novel format, not screenplay.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.75