Fire Works in the Hamptons

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Fire Works in the Hamptons

A Willow Tate Novel

Fire Works in the Hamptons is an entertaining romp into a world where drawings come to life.

Graphic artist Willow Tate draws creatures from faerie, bringing them to life in the real world to wreak havoc on the mortal realm.

I wish I had known this was a series when I grabbed the book for review, now I have to go and read the previous books in the series to catch up, plus I was intrigued by the characters and want to know how it all began.

Willow is an interesting character; funny, witty but not quite as kick ass as she needs to be. Perhaps that will develop with the series.

In Fire Works there was a lot going on- a psycho fire wizard with arsonist lightning bugs, a fire baby, and a psychic fire fighter who wants to heat up Willow's life in a completely different way. But who has time for romance, especially not when your neighbors want to burn you at the stake.

Willow's resourcefulness is one of her greatest abilities and will surely get her out of this mess before she goes up in flames. Right? Well you'll have to read the book to find out.

I'm off to find the previous books in the series: Trolls in the Hamptons and Night Mares in the Hamptons .

Book Blurb for Fire Works in the Hamptons

Graphic novelist Willow Tate has a paranormal talent for "drawing" beings from the realm of Faerie into our world. So why did she foolishly make the hero of her next book a fire wizard? Now she has to contend with a rash of "fire" flies, a gorgeous firefighter, and an arsonist who seems determined to set East Hampton ablaze...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25