The King of the Crags

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The King of the Crags

The Memory of Flames, Book II

The King of the Crags is a wonderful follow-up to The Adamantine Palace and I enjoyed reading it even more than I did the first book.  As a matter of fact, my thought throughout was: Did the book really have to end?

I, once again, liked Jaslyn and Kemir, but the characters that I liked seeing grow even more are Prince/King Jehal and Night Watchman Vale Tassan.  Jehal becomes more multi-dimensional in that there is more to him - even if others don't believe it and if it's only Jehal and the reader - almost like a joke Jehal (via Mr. Deas) shares with the reader - are aware of it.  With Vale you also see more of the man behind the the public persona of an Adamantine Guard.

Another aspect I liked seeing is the interaction that Kemir has with Snow and how Snow's very, well, draconic outlook makes Kemir look at things a little differently even as he tries to teach Snow to look beyond the outlook the dragon has of the world.

Another great read!

Book Blurb for The King of the Crags

Now, as the Realms teeter on the brink of war, the fate of humanity rests in the survival of one majestic white dragon.

Prince Jehal has had his way-now his lover Zafir sits atop the Realms with hundreds of dragons and their riders at her beck and call. But Jehal's plots are far from over, for he isn't content to sit back and watch Zafir command the earth and sky. He wants that glory for himself- no matter who he must sacrifice to get it. The one thing Jehal fears is that the white dragon still lives-and if that is so, then blood will flow, on all sides...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00