People of the Black Sun

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People of the Black Sun

A People of the Longhouse Novel / North America's Forgotten Past

Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear have come out with another stellar book in their North America's Forgotten Past series.

As with the other books that I have read by the authors, People of the Black Sun pulled me in right off the bat into the story. While I have only read one other book within the People of the Longhouse quartet which this book is a part of, it builds on the previous work. The book can, to a point, be read as a standalone book, but it would be better to read the four books together.

The writing is vivid and the reader feels the joy, sorrow, happiness, and pain of the characters. There are quiet moments, there is war, some friends and family find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict brought to a head, alliances need to be formed but may not be done so in time. Throughout the book, there is a regular shift in perspective between the villages (which some readers may not care for), but it helps understanding where the characters are coming from and what their motivations are.

The characters are as vivid as the rest of the writing and, in some ways, even larger than life. Some want conflict above all else, even if it is at the expense of all that they hold dear. Some want peachand compassion to be shown and they see that message come to naught. The driving forces for each character makes the ending seem inevitable, but is it?

A grand addition to the authors' body of work and a fitting finale to the Iroquois/People of the Longhouse quartet.

Book Blurb for People of the Black Sun

Dekanawida has become known as “The Sky Messenger,” a prophet of immense power, and Hiawento is his Speaker. Thousands now believe in the Great Law of Peace and have joined the League. But they are still being harassed by marauding warriors from the People of the Mountain who steadfastly refuse to adopt the Great Law.

Dekanawida has prophesied destruction if the warfare continues. As one by one, portents start coming true, Dekanawida has one last chance to convince the People of the Mountain to join the League and save their world from utter destruction.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50