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The Jax Series, Book 3

Jumper Sirantha Jax arrives on Ithiss-Tor for a diplomatic mission of vital importance, heaven help us all. The Ithtorians are an alien race similar in appearance to the preying mantis, to the point that some of the females have been known to behead the males during mating. Vel, the Ithtorian bounty hunter who has become a part of their crew is with them as a translator and guide. The Ithtorians had previously closed their planet to humans seeing them as nothing more than pink fleshy savages. But the Conglomerate needs an alliance with the bug-like creatures in order to stop the Morgut, another bug-like alien race who is slaughtering every human they encounter. To add to the burden Jax is carrying is the fact that March is still stuck in kill mode as he was at the end of Wanderlust. He accompanied Jax on this mission but it remains to be seen if he will be a help or if his mental state trigger an intergalactic incident. Regardless of how closed off March is; Jax is driven to try and reach him. Jax wasn’t known for her tact or her selflessness in the past but she has evolved over the past two books. But was she sent on this mission to succeed or were they counting on her failure?
Jax and the crew are a favorite of mine since I first reviewed Grimspace. Opening this book was like visiting old friends. I will say that it would be best to start at the beginning to really appreciate how far Jax has come. Jax works very hard to understand the Ithtorian society and it is a treat to see her succeed in earning some of their respect. My heart broke every time that Jax and March interacted, knowing how close they had been and how hard it will be to regain that. Vel is still such a compelling character. I love every interaction between him and Jax. The Ithtorians were a very fascinating alien race since they were so very different from humans. But I must confess there is an ick factor since I am not a big fan of bugs much less ones as big as I am. Ms. Aguirre excels at having an overall arc for the series and at the same time having a smaller but still just as complex arc for each book. So while I felt very satisfied at the end of Doubleblind, I am highly anticipating where these events will lead us in the next book. I would be hard pressed even at this point in the series to try and describe it to someone or even compare it to something else out there. So I will leave it at this, Ann Aguirre writes a rip roaring science fiction romance adventure that will knock your socks off.

Book Blurb for Doubleblind

As a "Jumper" who navigates ships through grimspace, Sirantha Jax is used to kicking ass. So why is she suddenly chosen as an ambassador of peace?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.50