Three Miles Below

I was quickly drawn into this story and thought it was exciting and very well-crafted. There was great tension and I found it easy to cheer for the three guys trapped underground. I was really into the story then felt like I was sucker-punched by the ending. This short adventure is simply a prologue to a longer story. I cannot help but feel cheated as I felt as though I was provided a small sample prologue of a longer story. My aggravation is such that I have no intent to read the longer story about the cause of the earthquakes that initially trapped Mackenzie and his co-workers beneath the surface.


Three men are trapped deep underground when there is a powerful earthquake. With the air quality rapidly deteriorating, they must make decisions that could very well have life or death consequences. As the aftershocks continue and more tunnels within the caves become hopelessly blocked, the men continue their climb to the surface and have some hair-raising experiences.

Book Blurb for Three Miles Below

When an earthquake hits, Mackenzie and two of his co-workers are forced to take shelter in a refuge chamber three miles below ground, uncertain of the damage around and above them. Weighing their options, the three must decide whether to stay put or take their chances climbing to the surface, though making it to ground level is just half of the battle.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.00