The Prison in Antares

Dead Enders, #2

Mike Resnick provides an excellent read along with good and (at times) unexpected plot twists. His characterizations makes a reader empathetic to some of the characters' trials and tribulations. This is an excellent serial book in that the plot flows even when there are pockets of inaction. It is an easy, fun novel to lose oneself for a day on another universe!

Once again the Dead Enders are called upon to pull off the impossible in as short amount of time as possible. This time the Dead Enders need to go into enemy territory, assess a top scientist to see if he has cracked under torture or bring him out. Why? Because this genius is the only survivor of a group of scientists who were able to create a defense against the Q bomb (a bomb that could take out civilizations if detonated).

Their problem: go into an underground prison run on rails with limited strategic escape routes undetected and come out with the scientist. Along the way there are serious mishaps which could jeopardize the team's effectiveness in achieving their goal. Things like an underground tunnel with only one way out is a challenge, especially since this prison has the highest efficiency rating for stopping jail breaks before they begin.

I enjoy this series. It is by far a more complex read than one sees at first glance. Wit, sarcasm, irony are not lost on this audience nor should it be lost. This is a hot novel and will not let you put it down even to sleep! This is a great novel for all young adult and higher readers to enjoy! Hats off to Mr. Resnick for pulling a fun tale together in this serial.

Book Blurb for The Prison in Antares

The Traanskei Coalition’s greatest weapon is the Q bomb, and after years of failure, the Democracy has come up with a defense against it. The problem is that they killed most of the team that created it. The sole survivor, Edgar Nmumba, was kidnapped by the Coalition. Only Nmumba can duplicate the work fast enough to prevent the loss of another dozen populated planets.

Nathan Pretorius and his team of Dead Enders will require all their skills and cunning to rescue him, sane and in one piece, from the Coalition’s best-hidden and best-guarded prison, somewhere in the Antares sector. But in a game of cross and double-cross, can they find him before it's too late?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00