Necessary Evil and the Greater Good

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Necessary Evil and the Greater Good

Wow. There are no other words that suffice. Necessary Evil and the Greater Good is novel of good and evil, truth and lies, and ultimate hilarity. Author Adam Ingle has created a novel that encompasses the entirety of Heaven and Hell, while still making them entirely relatable. I literally could not put it down. I loved the byplay between all of the characters. Mestoph and Leviticus make a dynamic duo for the new generation! The storyline moves very quickly, with plenty of laugh out loud moments and several groan out loud as well. All told, I absolutely loved this novel, and am eagerly anticipating the next book in this series.

A more unlikely pair of friends the world has never seen. Leviticus and Mestoph are just like any other human being. Day after day, they get up, go to work in a job they hate, and then call it a day. However, their “day jobs” are just a bit different from those of a normal human. Leviticus, an angel, works for Heaven Inc., doing not much of anything. Mestoph, a demon, works for Hell Industries, doing things most would cringe at. But when two bored to tears immortals get their heads together, chaos will reign. After establishing a plot to bring about the End of the World, the two set off to start the plot. Along the way, they will meet myriad other individuals, immortal and not, to bring about this disaster. Yet when things start to spiral out of even their control, Mestoph and Leviticus will learn that not all is what it seems, and that perhaps, they have much more to accomplish than destroying eternity. Although the destruction of humanity would bring them a much needed vacation……decisions, decisions.

Book Blurb for Necessary Evil and the Greater Good

For best friends Mestoph and Leviticus the end of the world can’t come fast enough. Mestoph is a demon and troublemaker for Hell Industries, while Leviticus is an angel and cubicle jockey for Heaven, Inc. They might be unlikely friends, but they have something in common – they both hate their jobs. Unfortunately for them The End is nowhere in sight. The two take matters into their own hands when they come up with a scheme to get themselves kicked out of the Afterlife without spending an eternity in Purgatory. Their misadventure will take them from the tiny town of Truth or Consequences, NM to the highlands of Iceland as they cross paths and pantheons with Neo-Vikings, Greek and Norse Gods, and a Scottish terrier named Sir Reginald Pollywog Newcastle III.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 5.00