The Society of Blood

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The Society of Blood

Obsidian Heart, #2

Alex is a likable guy who is just trying to save his little girl. Along the way, he is trying to take care of another post-abused girl with the help of Clover who is sassy but has to pretend to be a good subservient Victorian wife. The dialogue is genuine and the setting is realistic. I thoroughly enjoyed the description of the dimness and filth that would be prevalent during that time period in London. I did not have the benefit of reading the first installment, therefore there were some confusing parts that weren't mentioned to clarify. There were also some slow spots but overall a good story.

A man out of his own time, Alex Locke is traveling the gritty streets of Victorian London in search of the Obsidian Heart--the only key to getting his daughter back and transporting him and his friends back to their own time. It is a difficult journey through desperate places, but Alex is desperate.

Book Blurb for The Society of Blood

Transported through time to the dank streets of Victorian London, Alex Locke seeks to unravel the mysteries of the Obsidian Heart, the enigmatic object to which his fate is inextricably bound. When a string of grisly murders takes place across the capital, Alex follows a trail that will lead him through the opium dens of Limehouse into the dark and twisted world of the Society of Blood, and ever closer to unlocking the secret of the Heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.50