Reaper's Legacy

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Reaper's Legacy

Toxic City, #2

I found myself really enjoying the first book in the Toxic City series, London Eye. So when Reaper's Legacy came in the mail I jumped into it right away. Where London Eye had intrigue, suspense, and a smidgen of X-Men, I fell into a lull and slum while reading Reaper's Legacy. When I did some research and found it was to be a trilogy, I immediately knew what my issue was. Reaper's Legacy has the dreaded 'middle book' syndrome, where things aren't quite wrapped up but something needs to happen to propel the story forward. Jack and his band of misfit friends are as loveable as ever, but unfortunately I can't say I want to continue the series hereafter.

Book Blurb for Reaper's Legacy

Heroes and monsters clash with government forces in an apocalyptic London. Two years after London is struck by a devastating terrorist attack, it is cut off from the world, protected by a large force of soldiers (known as Choppers), while those in the rest of Britain believe that their ex-capital is now a toxic, uninhabited wasteland. Jack and his friends know that the truth is very different. The handful of survivors in London are developing strange, fantastic powers. Evolving. Meanwhile, the Choppers treat the ruined city as their own experimental playground. Jack's own developing powers are startling and frightening, though he is determined to save his father, the brutal man with a horrific power who calls himself Reaper. Jack must also find their friend Lucy-Anne, who went north to find her brother. What Lucy-Anne discovers is terrifying-people evolving into monstrous things and the knowledge that a nuclear bomb has been set to destroy what's left of London. And the clock is ticking.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 3.00