The Shadowed Path

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The Shadowed Path

“The Shadowed Path: A Jonmarc Vahanian Collection” by Gail Z. Martin is a collection of short stories that give vivid glimpses of the events that shaped Jonmarc Vahanian. To someone unfamiliar with this remarkably capable individual, this is a wonderful insight into the tragedies and training that shaped his early life. Each tale describes a pivotal moment in Jonmarc’s life, and the people who impacted on his development. Although I am not familiar with the series, I was fascinated by this glimpse of life on his world, as well as enthralled by the amazing fights and descriptions of Jonmarc’s ingenuity and determination.

The world-building was delightful and there are many memorable characters in addition to Jonmarc. Each story provides an enthralling snapshot (although many are gut-wrenching and poignant) of a man whose adventures only seem to get more and more compelling, and will whet one’s appetite for more stories and undoubtedly make one anxious to read the series, ‘Chronicles of the Necromancer.’ The book ends just as Jonmarc makes yet another pivotal decision in his life, making one want to know how that turns out and intrigued by the adventures yet to come.

This group of paranormal adventure fantasy tales chronicles a series of events that shape Jonmarc Vahanian into the exquisitely trained and disciplined fighter he becomes. The former blacksmith’s son melds his father’s training and his challenging and grief-laden background into a series of relationships that act as a crucible for honing his skills. Although a black cloud seems to dog his footsteps, there are plenty of lessons, albeit harsh ones, to be learned from his experiences and they all help shape his journey through life.

Book Blurb for The Shadowed Path

Jonmarc Vahanian was just a blacksmith's son in a small fishing village before raiders killed his family. Wounded and left for dead in the attack, Jonmarc tries to rebuild his life. But when a dangerous bargain with a shadowy stranger goes wrong, Jonmarc finds himself on the run, with nothing ahead but vengeance, and nothing behind him but blood. Soldier. Fight slave. Smuggler. Warrior. Brigand lord. If you've met Jonmarc Vahanian in the Chronicles of the Necromancer and Fallen Kings Cycle books, you don't really know him until you walk in his footsteps. This is the first segment of his journey.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 4.50