The Griffin's Flight

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The Griffin's Flight

The Fallen Moon, Book 2

The Griffin’s Flight by K.J. Taylor is the second volume of The Fallen Moon series and follows Arren Cardockson after he flees the shambles of his former life as Master of Trade in Eagleholm and Griffiner to Eluna.  His previous security conferred by his partnership with Eluna has been destroyed by her death and his heritage and his actions after her death conspire to alter his life forever.  Partnered by the savage formerly feral black griffin, Skandar, Arren resolves to travel north in search of his heritage and to escape the destruction and chaos that he has sown in his wake.  A chance encounter with an unusual female named Skade is only the beginning of the momentous journey that transforms Arren into a Northerner known as Arenadd Taranisaii.  Unfortunately, Arren’s path is not destined to be easy but it will herald an upheaval of the lives of all whom he encounters, including Erian, the bastard son of Lord Rannagon who has his own destiny to fulfill.  The griffins have their own ideas of what is important and the role that their human companions will have to play as the griffins themselves jockey for position and to alter the fate of the one they call cursed, Arren Cardockson.

The Griffin's Flight is an intricately plotted story that is full of imaginative characters living their lives in societies filled with class distinctions and unrest.  It is difficult to have sympathy for such an antihero and distressing to follow his exploits, somewhat similar to reading the Thomas Covenant tales, but one ends up unwillingly fascinated with the twists and turns that mark Arren’s life.  One would almost say that he epitomizes the adage, “with friends like these, who needs enemies”!  An intriguing sequel.

Book Blurb for The Griffin's Flight

Although he was once chosen as a griffin's companion, Arren Cardockson was reviled, betrayed, and ultimately killed. Brought back to life by a power beyond his understanding, Arren flees for the frozen sanctuary of the North. With the man-eating griffin Skandar by his side, and an entire country hunting him, Arren has little hope of reaching the place of his ancestry and of lifting his curse. But then he comes across a wild woman who may hold the key to making his lifeless heart beat once more.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.25