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The House War, #4

This epic fantasy story is a tapestry that combines countless threads which may start out seeming relatively insignificant but can suddenly change the character of the entire tale. I love the fact that there are facets to everything that change the picture when a different light reveals an unexpected aspect.

Despite my lack of knowledge of all of the events that led up to this point in the series, this story was a smorgasbord of experiences. The deft weaving of multiple fantastical elements, including the Winter Court and Wild Hunt, winged and very vocal but easily bored creatures, manipulation using magic, telepathic communication, and demons all add to the epic quality of the tale which has an amazing number of significant events taking place in a very compressed amount of time. Most impressive about this author is that fact that multiple readings of this very same story will result in new discoveries every time.

This is yet another example of this author’s awe-inspiring facility for creating a world to immerse oneself in and I look forward to reading the rest of this books in this series and delving more into the lives of these characters...I just have to find a few months of leisure so I can devote the time to them that they deserve!

“Skirmish” by Michelle West (Michelle Sagara) is a novel of the ‘House War’ series. This intricately plotted fantasy is interconnected with multiple other books and details events that take place immediately after the murder of the head of House Terafin, Amarais ATerafin. Jewel a Terafin returns from the wars in the South just in time to deal with the repercussions of her mentor’s assassination, including the machinations that accompany the investiture of a new head of House. Her allies include an apparently emotionless male who is willing to slaughter countless mortals for the sake of

Book Blurb for Skirmish

Skirmish takes readers into brand-new territory, beginning right after the conclusion of The Sun Sword. The Terafin has been assassinated by a demon, and the battle for the House Seat will now begin. Four candidates have declared themselves, but Jewel, the Terafin’s own choice to become the next Terafin, has yet to announce her intentions. By the time she does announce her candidacy, attempts have been made on her life by demons. She has also walked along and shut a magical road against some of the demons, while at the same time, she’s acquired a number of nonhuman allies. But whether Jewel and her allies?both mortal and magical?will all survive the war that is now beginning is very much in question?.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00