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A word of advice, one should read the prequel to “Shadowlands” before delving into this intriguing fantasy. The author weaves an intricate tapestry featuring the modern world impacted by beings who are familiar yet alien and provides a lens that alters the perception of standard legends such as the Wild Hunt and its ‘Hounds’. It took me a few chapters to readjust to being immersed in this intriguing society while I puzzled through the psychic Valory and her relationship with the Outsiders and the other Riders but I rapidly became invested in the struggle even as I sympathized with Stormwolf and his conflicts. A rather mind-boggling explanation for the relationship between the two worlds and an enjoyable glimpse into the progress of developments after the events detailed in “The Mirror Prince”. One can only hope that there will be more tales featuring these fantastical beings and their remarkable abilities.

“Shadowlands” by Violette Malan is the wonderful sequel to the creative book “The Mirror Prince” and returns the reader to a world where there are wonderful and imaginative beings who are continuing to deal with the aftermath of a horrific civil war that caused an upheaval in the Lands of Faerie. The conflicted being, Stormwolf, tries to rise above the criticisms and judgements being passed on him in order to fulfill both his duties and the dictates of his heart. His path crosses that of the psychic Valory Martin who is trying to find her own place in either the place known as the Shadowlands or the Lands themselves. Unfortunately, the price to stabilize their respective societies may be more than either is willing to pay.

Book Blurb for Shadowlands

The long-awaited sequel to Violette Malan's acclaimed debut novel, The Mirror Prince.

The war in the Land of the Faerie has finally ended. Prince Cassandra dispatches Stormwolf, formerly a Hound but cured by his prince's magic and restored to the Rider he once was, to the Shadowlands to call home the People who remain refugees there. But Stormwolf finds the Hounds of the Wild Hunt now prey upon the souls of the humans, draining them of the magic which is the very lifeblood of the People. With the help of Valory Martin, a mortal psychic, Stormwolf must find the magic needed to defeat the Hunt before it's too late.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.50