Blood Price

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Blood Price

Blood Ties Series, #1

I originally became aware of this series when I realized that it was connected to the ‘Smoke Trilogy’ series which featured a character who is a very minor player in this first of the ‘Blood’ series books. I thought this was a very novel treatment of the vampire legends and was fascinated with the idea of a vampire making a living as a novelist. Vicki’s prickly nature and her complicated relationship with her former partner is intriguing to me and the contrast between hard realism and pragmatic approaches to investigation and the acceptance of mysterious beings and the arcane influence of evils such as grimoires made this a compelling read for me. I enjoyed the snark that is generously portrayed and the charismatic individuals that populate this story and I am reminded of this author’s dexterity at drawing a rich portrait with just a few chosen lines of dialogue and description. I hope that the re-release of this title garners Ms Huff more well-deserved fans and look forward to renewing my acquaintance with the other volumes in this entertaining series that depicts an uneasy alliance between officers of the law and a predator that has few beings that he fears and the woman who becomes a liaison between the two factions.

“Blood Price” by Tanya Huff is the first volume in the exciting paranormal series that was originally released in the early 1990’s and introduces former police officer Vicki Nelson as she becomes embroiled in a world that is increasingly indistinct to her due to a medical condition that precipitated her decision to leave the job that she loved. The author makes a point of stating that this is not a paranormal romance and that the story was written during a time before cellphones but neither of these issues detracts significantly from the entertaining story that is presented. Vicki discovers that there are far more frightening things in the world than the typical felons she is used to dealing with and her complex relationship with former partner and lover Homicide Investigator Mike Celluci will pale in comparison to the obstacles to her relationship with the enigmatic vampire Henry Fitzroy, if she can live long enough to develop one.

Book Blurb for Blood Price

The Blood Books are now available in "Blood Ties" TV tie-in editions.

Vicki Nelson, formerly of Toronto’s homicide unit and now a private detective, witnesses the first of many vicious attacks that are now plaguing the city of Toronto. As death follows unspeakable death, Vicki is forced to renew her tempestuous relationship with her former partner, Mike Celluci, to stop these forces of dark magic?along with another, unexpected ally?

Henry Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of King Henry VIII, has learned over the course of his long life how to blend with humans, how to deny the call for blood in his veins. Without him, Vicki and Mike would not survive the ancient force of chaos that has been unleashed upon the world?but in doing so, his identity may be exposed, and his life forfeit.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50