A Magic of Dawn

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A Magic of Dawn

A Novel of the Nessantico Cycle

A Magic of Dawn by S.L. Farrell is the third volume of the Nessantico Cycle series and takes place many years after the events depicted in A Magic of Twilight. The Sun Throne is still occupied by Allesandra ca'Vorl and Sergei ca'Rudka is assisting her but still is prey to his unhealthy proclivities even as his body is deteriorating. Allesandra's son Jan ca'Ostheim is not content to simply be the Hirzg and continues to test his mother's borders and there is unrest due to the machinations of Nico Morel who continues to preach his vision of Cenzi's wishes and stirs up unrest in the Holdings. Those conflicts become even more complicated by the addition of the threat from the Westlanders who were repelled so many years prior, the Tehuantin people whose secret of black powder played such a key role in the prior attack. The multiplicity of characters all converge to a climactic battle that will decide the fate of both Nessantico and its contentious neighbors.

A fitting end to an intricate trilogy that displays Farrell's facility for creating a fascinating and realistic universe. A work that is similar to a symphonic piece, each character is developed similar to the single lines of melody are deftly woven together into a composition that develops into a rousing avalanche of action and emotion. The juxtaposition of the cultures interspersed with the necessary political maneuverings within the framework of each society give realism to the work that follows an almost overwhelming number of separate characters. The ability to create so many believable characters that have their faults as well as assets and blend them into a compelling storyline is what makes Farrell such a virtuoso at his craft and this work showcases his talent yet again.

Book Blurb for A Magic of Dawn

Kraljica Allesandra sits on the Sun Throne of a much-diminished Holdings empire, while her son Jan rules the rival Coalition of Firenzcia. The schism between them threatens to tear apart the realm when they need solidarity the most. Facing powerful threats, from the rising influence of the Numetodo sect to the fundamentalist preacher Nico Morel-as well as the army of Tehuantin from across the sea- Allesandra and Jan must each find a pathway to survival for themselves and their people.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.75