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Dreamwalker, #1

Lots of teenagers have this fantasy: They are told one day that they are not really their parents’ offspring. They were adopted. They were switched at birth. They were found abandoned on a porch step. Some teens think this because they look at their parents and siblings and sometimes wonder, No WAY I could be related to these crazy people! But for 17-year-old Jessica Drake, finding out that the family who raised her is not her real family comes as a shock. She always thought that there was something “off” about her being in this family. She knew her dad and her mom and her brother, but some part of her felt like they were not really her dad, her mom and her brother. Then the proof comes that she’s not really a Drake and it turns her world upside-down. Her mother is just as shocked as she and Jessica crumbles over the realization that her 13-year-old brother, Tommy, is not really her brother. If she’s not Jessica Drake, who is she? She is about to go on an incredible adventure to find out.

Dreamwalker by C.S. Friedman is an on-the-edge-of-your-seat fantasy adventure where a young woman discovers a whole new world filled with magic and mischief. Everything she knows about reality disappears as she learns about other worlds, other dimensions and other realities. For Jessica, her dreams are a key to these other worlds. Her dreams are where she can understand the magic. She teams up with fellow “changelings” Devon and Rita to save Tommy from an evil Shadowlord and in doing so discovers the truth about her past.

I enjoyed reading Dreamwalker because it was a fantasy story written so well. Despite a couple of areas where the story was predictable and even one thing I thought was dumb, it is still a good fantasy story. The characters were fleshed out really well and there’s so many questions left unanswered that you hope the author will cover in future books in this series. It was a fresh take on the changeling myth and the cliffhangers kept me turning the pages. Granted, Jessica later turned into a character that was way too mature for an average 17-year-old, but it was still an enjoyable story to read.

Book Blurb for Dreamwalker

All her life Jessica Drake has dreamed of other worlds, some of them similar to her own, others disturbingly alien. She never shares the details with anyone, save her younger brother Tommy, a compulsive gamer who incorporates some aspects of Jessica’s dreams into his games. But now someone is asking about those dreams...and about her. A strange woman has been watching her house. A visitor to her school attempts to take possession of her dream-inspired artwork.


As she begins to search for answers it becomes clear that whoever is watching her does not want her to learn the truth. One night her house catches on fire, and when the smoke clears she discovers that her brother has been kidnapped. She must figure out what is going on, and quickly, if she and her family are to be safe.

Following clues left behind on Tommy's computer, determined to find her brother and bring him home safely, Jessica and two of her friends are about to embark on a journey that will test their spirits and their courage to the breaking point, as they must leave their own world behind and confront the source of Earth's darkest legends ? as well as the terrifying truth of their own secret heritage.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00