Sun Born

Book Two of the Morning Star Trilogy / North America's Forgotten Past

“Sun Born” by W. Michael & Kathleen O’Neal Gear is the second book in the Morning Star series featuring the Cahokia Mounds people. This sequel features Lady Night Shadow Star (sister to the human body of Morning Star), facing what might be her toughest test by the gods. A new challenge has come to the people of Cahokia. Emissaries from a civilization from the south, advised by an old enemy, threatens to destroy Cahokia. But the gods have decreed that the leader can’t be killed. Lady Night Shadow Star and her body guard Fire Cat, with the help of other unlikely allies, sink to their lowest point, with death close at hand. Will they, much less Cahokia, survive this battle?

I enjoy reading about ancient Indian civilizations as brought to life by the Gears, but this wasn’t my favorite book by them. This series has featured a lot of supernatural/mystical aspects, detracting from the storyline for me. The research that goes into these books though is evident, and while we still know relatively little about the Cahokian Indians, it’s interesting to read about what their culture might have been like. I wouldn't recommend picking up this book if you haven't read the previous one and there were still moments that I felt like I was missing back story. Even though “Sun Born” wasn’t my favorite, it won’t keep me from picking up future books by the Gears.

Book Blurb for Sun Born

A thousand years ago, the mighty Cahokian civilization dominated the North American continent from its capital near modern St. Louis. From Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico, settlers and priests carried word of the power of their gods. People who wouldn't bow to that power were conquered or slaughtered. At the heart of the empire stood a vast city, teeming with tens of thousands. Power rested in one being, Morning Star, a god resurrected in the body of a living man.

With Sun Born, W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear take readers back to this amazing place with a tale of murder, magic . . . and the battle for a people's very soul. An old enemy has returned to Cahokia, bringing with him emissaries from a civilization that rivals Cahokia. It becomes apparent to the gods-possessed Lady Night Shadow Star, human sister of Morning Star, that they could be conquered by this technologically advanced culture.

The fact that the living god, Morning Star, is unwilling--or unable--to play a role in the outcome is a conundrum with horrific possibilities.

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Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 3.00