Esther Diamond Series #2

An out of work actress, an eclectic mage, a cop and add some mafia hitmen who have had doppelganger's created of them and you have "Doppelgangster", a witty, suspenseful addition to the Urban Fantasy genre.  

Esther's latest show has ended and as she is waiting to find another job, she takes a position as a singing waitress at Bella Stella's, a mafia hang out.  While on the job, she encounter's a mafioso's hit and sees his doppelganger and gets sucked into a paranormal mystery while trying to maintain a relationship with her detective boyfriend (?), Lopez, and working with a mafia hitman, Lucky, and the eclectic mage, Max.

I loved "Doppelgangster" from beginning to end and had me giggling out loud.  Only one complaint, the references to a previous book premiering Esther Diamond left me scrambling to find out the back-story of Lopez, Esther, and Max.  Yes, this is a stand-alone BUT with the references here and there to what happened prior to "Doppelgangster", had me scratching my head.

One of my pet peeves is when the publisher doesn’t include a listing of the prior titles by an author. In this case the prior was from a different publisher. Still it would have been nice for them to include the title on a list helping their customer out. The previous book is “Disappearing Nightly”. I did buy it so I can catch up on the history.  Other than that, I loved Esther's world!

Book Blurb for Doppelgangster

A struggling actress, a 350-year-old mage whose day job is protecting New York City from Evil, a skeptical cop... and double the number of wiseguys that there should be....

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.00