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Rowankind, #2

“Silverwolf” is a fantasy with history added. It’s also the second book in the Rowankind series. This book comes after “Winterwood”. I would suggest you read Winterwood first.

Silverwolf's world is like ours. The difference is our world doesn't have magic and the creatures that come from it. The book not only contains a magical world but a human world too.

The pacing on this story is rather slow, but it still delivers a fairly good historical fantasy read for those who like fantasy books. The author gives the reader 19th Century England with a magical twist.

The author does give a lot of detail that will bring your imagination buds to life. The book has a lot of action and you may even wipe a tear from your cheek. It was easy to believe in the magic, but I had a bit of a hard time believing in love at first sight with all the things going on.

Each of the two books in this series has a time focus. Winterworld was about what was to come and Ravensworld is about what has transpired.

If you enjoy fantasy, magic, and magical creatures set in a 19th Century England setting, then you might enjoy this. The slow pacing made for a harder read for me.

Book Blurb for Silverwolf

Britain, 1801. King George's episodic sanity is almost as damaging as his madness. First Consul Napoleon is gathering his forces in France. The disease of democracy is spreading. The world is poised on the brink of the modern era, but the rowankind, long a source of free labor, have shaken off their bonds.

Some have returned to laru to find freedom with the Fae; others are trying to find a place in the world, looking for fair treatment under the law. The course of the industrial revolution may change forever.

Wild magic is on the rise. Creatures of legend are returning to the world: kelpies, pixies, trolls, hobs, and goblins. Ross and Corwen, she a summoner witch and he a wolf shapechanger, have freed the rowankind from bondage, but now they are caught in the midst of the conflict, while trying their best to avoid the attention of the Mysterium, the government organization which would see them hanged for their magic.

When an urgent letter calls Corwen back to Yorkshire, he and Ross become embroiled in dark magic, family secrets, and industrial treachery. London beckons. There they discover a missing twin, an unexpected friend, and an old enemy—called Walsingham.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.00