Divine Intervention

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Divine Intervention

The Dining and Social Club for Time Travellers, #1

I was unable to finish this Young Adult fantasy novel by Elyse Kishimoto because it has some major flaws that made it impossible to read: a hard to follow story-line, over 10+ characters in it that also have hard to pronounce names, and too many chapters in a novel that has only 247 pages.

First major flaw of this book is its hard-to-follow story-line. There is no continuity from one chapter to the next since the author bounces from one character in one chapter and in the next chapter writes about a totally different character.

Next, another major flaw with this novel is there are too many characters in this book. I stop reading at page 84 where the main character of this story, Louisa, met a man named Mr. Krunk; he was number 12 character the author wrote about in this story, and we have not even met yet any of the characters in the “Dining Club of Time Travellers.” An additional problem with the characters in this novel is their hard to pronounce names that slowed my reading speed down to a crawl. Some of the names include: Belthazzar, Adalbert, Gavioche, Hignard, and Ragvold.

Last, most chapters in this novel have a maximum of 5 pages per chapters which leads this book to having very short chapters. There are a total of 35 chapters in a 247 page book! I also have no immediate urge to go out and find other books by this author.

What does Louisa’s grandpa George have to do with a parallax? Do you dare to keep reading to find out this answer?

Book Blurb for Divine Intervention

Louisa Sparks is thrown into a world of chaos and adventure when she finds an unusual timepiece in the pocket of her grandfather's old coat. With the press of a button, Louisa is suddenly transported through time. Soon after, she receives an invitation to join the strange fraternity of The Dining and Social Club for Time Travellers. But her adventures have only just begun! Time travellers are going missing and Louisa may be the only one who can save them. Visit us at www.thetimetravellersclub.com

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 2.50