Wings of Wrath

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Wings of Wrath

(Magister Trilogy Series #2)

Ancient prophesies are starting to come true and Kamala and Rhys are integral parts of saving their world. Kamala is a Magister, sorcerers who become immortal, and the only female one. Rhys is a Guardian, a special warrior dedicated to protecting the world from the soul eaters imprisoned behind an ancient curse called The Wrath. The Wrath was sent down by the gods to imprison the soul eaters.
What Rhys and Kamala find through their association and their journey together is that the things they’ve been raised to believe may or may not be the truth. And with the curse that holds the soul eaters at bay weakening and allowing them back into the realm of mortal man, learning the truth could put the entire world in jeopardy.
The imagery of Ms. Friedman was extremely vivid and well crafted. You could easily visualize the characters and creatures and the world she created. The characters were easy to identify with and there were many you will either love or hate. The writing was well done for the most part, but there were a couple things I had a problem with.
This is in no way, shape or form a stand alone book. Not reading the first book in the series will leave you confused and having a hard time following much of the subplot that is a major part of this work.
I also found that the plot tended to become a little convoluted and hard to follow at times. There were times where character’s memories were thrown in that made me go “What the heck? I don’t understand the point of that.” This work also seemed to drag and took a concentrated effort to get through. This may be in large part to not having read the first book in the trilogy so I am missing vital information. Or at least I hope it’s due to having not read the first book in the series.
Overall, not a bad read, but if you haven’t read the first book in the trilogy (and possibly even a prior trilogy to this one) you will find it hard to follow so I don’t recommend reading it until you have.

Book Blurb for Wings of Wrath

The dark and mesmerizing Magister saga continues...

Wings of Wrath is the second novel in C. S. Friedman's Magister trilogy—a true high fantasy replete with vampire-style magic, erotic action, war, treachery, sorcerous danger, and one of the most terrifying dragon-like creatures in fantasy. Against a backdrop of knife-edged politics and fearsome prophecies, those who are sworn to protect the human lands must discover the truth that lies at the heart of ancient legends, and find a way to defeat an enemy that once brought mankind to the very brink of destruction.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.25