The Hollow Crown

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The Hollow Crown

A Novel of Crosspointe, Book 4

This fantastic series of books include:  The Cipher; The Black Ship; and, The Turning Tide.  Trust me, once you read one, you will be addicted to the rest.  With this newest work, readers are once again pulled into one of the most original worlds ever created since George Lucas brought us his Empire and Rebellion in the 1970’s.
If unfamiliar with this story, Crosspointe is what you would call the “hub” of the Inland Sea.  In Crosspointe, readers will find that it almost has an Athens-‘like’ feel; the gold seems to fall like rain down upon the monarchy.  The monarchy is not the only political faction in Crosspointe, there is also the Merchant’s Guild who run a great deal in town, not to mention the bearers of the majick and how they wield their miraculous gifts.
In this new saga, the King and Queen are dead and a horrific man called the Lord Chancellor has taken over Crosspointe.  In addition to lording his new power over the whole community, he has also taken the royal family into his palace and is treating them like his very own slaves.  The only thing that the King’s heirs can of is how to band together to take this guy out and restore peace and prosperity to Crosspointe. 
An invasion seems to be imminent being as that majick seems to no longer work in the kingdom, and the people are beginning to lose patience with one another and turning against each other in every area of the town.  The only ones who seem to still have their heads on straight are Prince Vaughn (who is forming his own army), and Princess Margaret, with Prince Ryland, who are building up a rebellion. 
One night, as Margaret is doing her “spy work” in the castle, she stumbles across a secret that could literally blow everything up in her face that she’s worked for.  I very much would love to tell you readers about this, but I want nothing to spoil the fantastically rich and vibrant story that is a “must-read” for all fans of this series.  You will really and truly enjoy this brilliant world of characters!
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Book Blurb for The Hollow Crown

The fourth exciting installment in the tumultuous world of Crosspointe

After the murders of the king and queen, the island empire of Crosspointe is on the verge of chaos. The ruthless Lord Chancellor has taken the throne and made slaves of most of the royal family. Now, in order to sabe the country they love, the king's heirs are determihed to rally whatever allies they have left and overthrow the Lord Chancellor- before the Jutras invade.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25