Jack of Ravens

Kingdom of the Serpent, Book 1

This is an epic fantasy adventure in the making. In a battle between hope and despair, creation and destruction, this demonstrates that lowly humans can actually affect the ultimate outcome.

It spreads across time and the globe, plus from our world to the Far Lands. It shows that we are all tied together. So, maybe the ultimate question is, since we are all going to die eventually, what would you sell your death for? Or as a fictional character put it (in a different British authors work) “Small chance of success, certain death.” What are we waiting for?

This is an exceptional novel. Look to be sucked in.

Book Blurb for Jack of Ravens

Jack Churchill, archaeologist and dreamer, walks out of the mist and into Celtic Britain more than two thousand years before he was born, with no knowledge of how he got there. All Jack wants is to get home to his own time where the woman he loves waits for him. Finding his way to the timeless mystical Otherworld, the home of the gods, he plans to while away the days, the years, the millennia, until his own era rolls around again . . . but nothing is ever that simple.

A great Evil waits in modern times and will do all in its power to stop Jack’s return. In a universe where time and space are meaningless, its tendrils stretch back through the years . . . Through Roman times, the Elizabethan age, Victoria’s reign, the Second World War to the Swinging Sixties, the Evil sets its traps to destroy Jack.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50