Human for a Day

This collection examines what it means to be human, with all the hope and heartbreak this entails.

You go from robot slavery (complete with an underground railroad) to how do you spend your final hours when trapped and you know you will die.

Like any really good story, these take the basic premise and expand upon the theme.

This volume is filled with tales that manage to take the step further.

Martin H. Greenburg will be sorely missed, this anthology adds to an impressive legacy.

Book Blurb for Human for a Day

Here's an anthology that examines what it means to be human in all its positive and negative aspects. If you were an intelligent robot, would the opportunity to become human for a day be worth the risks? If a magic spell switched the bodies of a vampire and a teenage girl, would both savor the experience or search for a way to undo the enchantment? What tests would an angel face if transformed into a mortal for a day? These are just a few of the inventive stories-some humorous, some sad, many thought-provoking, and all unique-to be found in Human for a Day.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.25