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Wanted Book 2

A. J. Llewellyn brings us the second book in the The Wanted series with Needed. Mingo and Francois are now living together and still doing their prospective jobs but more in love than ever. Llewellyn shows us how when you loose your true love you will do anything to get them back. As always he never ceases to amaze us and this book is a great sequel to the first in the series.

Mingo is living life to the fullest. The love of his life is Francois who’s work often takes him on trips away from home. When Francois takes a business trip and disappears it will take Mingo’s expert criminal forensic abilities to find him. With help from a couple of friends he will make sure that he finds his gorgeous Francois and brings him home.

Time is ticking and there is a hurricane headed towards where Francois is suppose to be. Will Mingo be able to find out what happened and locate him in time?

Book Blurb for Needed

Genre: Interracial Contemporary, Gay (m/m), Romance, Action, Suspense, Menage a Trois (m/m/m)

Pages: 121

Flame Rating: 4 Flames

Mingo McCloud's dream man, Francois, has vanished. What happens when a mild-mannered accountant falls for the hottest guy in the world? He becomes...needed.

Mingo McCloud, Honolulu's only criminal forensic accountant has settled into professional and personal bliss on Oahu's North Shore. His life with his lover, Francois, a security expert with mysterious ties to military and DEA authorities is on course until Francois accepts an apparently routine case of outfitting a Caribbean billionaire's luxury holiday home with state of the art security.

When Mingo receives a call from a woman claiming to be Francois's sister, he doesn't suspect anything until a tropical storm heads right toward St. Martin, where Francois was last seen. Mingo becomes frantic when his lover vanishes. He heads to the islands even though travelers are being turned away. Nothing will stop him from finding his missing man. Mingo thought he needed Francois but realizes as deadly forces try to stop him that he, himself, is needed.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00