Dragons and Dwarves

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Dragons and Dwarves

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Now this was a fun one.

I've always enjoyed urban fantasy, and this is a very good one.  I like the mystery aspect of each of the two books in the omnibus, I liked following the logic and the main character puts together the back story, and I like that he has a reason to be poking his nose into everything, unlike some nosy people who just can't leave well enough alone.  Also, I've lived just south of Cleveland, and so some of the landmarks I knew.  I particularly enjoyed the mention of the Cleftlanders as I happen to know some of them, but understandably, it's not a large part of the story.  I've read some of Swann's work before and enjoyed it, but this was just fun in a way that, for instance, Prophets was not.  A good read, not too heavy but not fluff either.  Sometimes it’s a little gratuitous with the blood perhaps, but not much.

Book Blurb for Dragons and Dwarves

Two novels . one volume. An omnibus edition of Dragons of the Cuyahoga and The Dwarves of Whiskey Island

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.75