Mecha Rogue

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Mecha Rogue

A Novel of the Armor Wars, #2

I was excited to read Mecha Rogue by Brett Patton, the second book in the Armored Wars series. The first book was good and I wondered what the second book had in store for readers. It definitely did not disappoint. This second chapter in the military career of Matt Lowell, a member of the Mecha Corps, was very exciting and adventurous. Matt’s bravery is constantly put to the test and I was glad he did not back down when it was time to face the music. He refused to keep hiding in order to stay safe; he wanted to take action and be ready for the worst case scenario. I also appreciated how he refused to follow everybody else’s way of doing things, and I was stunned to learn that someone who was supposedly killed in the first book turned out to actually be very much alive – and ready to kill Matt.

The one thing that I wasn’t too crazy about was all the merging Matt wanted to do with everyone during all the fighting. It was like, if someone didn’t agree with Matt or believe him, he merged with them so he could show them his thoughts and experiences to get his point across. It was like overkill. This did not ruin the story for me exactly, but it was a bit too overdone. I was thinking he should try other tactics to get his point across and not always resorting to merging. It also slowed things down during a scene that was supposed to have faster pacing and keep everybody in the moment. But overall, Mecha Rogue was a good story and I enjoyed reading it.

Matt Lowell is promoted and sent on a secret mission by the Universal Union. It is so secret, in fact, that even he is not told everything. He and his team can only follow orders, but when they get to their destination and the mission becomes clear, Matt is shocked to discover a dark secret the Union has been trying to cover up for years – and quietly clean up through Mecha Corps. This jolts his views of the Union and he manages to save one victim before escaping to a Corsair ship. Now Matt has officially gone rogue, defecting to the other side in an attempt to bring balance back to the Union. But can he save what’s left of the Union’s atrocities? Can he face down his enemies, face down the Union itself, and try to save the universe? It’s up to him, one person, to right the wrongs and Matt must bravely take on a system he once believed in.

Book Blurb for Mecha Rogue

When you don’t know which side to trust, go rogue.

Matt Lowell is the hottest new recruit in the Universal Union’s select group of pilots. Their job—control the supremely powerful biochemical robotic avatars known as Mecha. Now, the Prime of Universal Union herself has offered him an unprecedented opportunity: return to Earth to train a new elite force for a covert mission that’s imperative to the future of the Union.

When he and his team embark on their mission—on a border world that may be a target for the anarchical Corsairs—Matt finds that everything is not as it seems. The world is home to a dark secret that underlies the very foundation of the Union itself, and suddenly Matt doesn’t know which side he and his mighty Mecha should be fighting for—or against.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.50