Mecha Corps

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Mecha Corps

A Novel of the Armor Wars, #1

Ever since he saw his father murdered right before his young eyes, Matt Lowell had one mission: Vengeance. With Mecha forces in battle against the Corsairs, Matt enlists and when he finally makes it to Mecha Corps, he only hopes that one day his training will lead him to achieve his goal. With something similar to photographic memory called a Perfect Record, Matt often relives the nightmare of his father being killed by the leader of the Corsairs, and he uses this to not only remember the face of his enemy but drive him on through the brutalities of training.

Mecha Corps by debut novelist Brett Patton is a sci-fi adventure from beginning to end. Once I started reading this story, I could not put this book down. The character Matt was likable, though on some level I pitied him because his whole world, his whole life, was all about seeking revenge against the man who killed his father. I sympathized with his loss, but I had to wonder if his drive for vengeance was blinding him to his own needs and other things he should be paying attention to. As it is, while he and fellow cadet, Kyle, spar over fellow cadet Michelle Kind, Matt puts his mission first, above all else, even about trying to sort out what he really feels for Michelle.

Another likable character in this story was Major Soto. At first, he was aloof and hard to understand, but once he started fighting alongside the cadets and going through as much rigorous training as they did, if not more, his walls come down and his personality shines through. Many times, I had to chuckle over something he said and think to myself, I like him. He's definitely the kind of major I would want to answer to if I was in some kind of galactic army.

The best thing about this novel is that is true sci-fi. Sure, it's all about man joining with machine, but there's space travel, space carriers and even a galactic battle between ships and fighters. It's an awesome experience just picturing the whole thing go down with nothing but space and the stars in the background. Even Michelle marvels over space flight at one point in the story.

I have a new favorite sci-fi author and his name is Brett Patton. I look forward to reading his other novels in this series, if not any other sci-fi novels he writes.

Book Blurb for Mecha Corps

Matt Lowell is in hell-and there's no place he'd rather be. At a training camp on the backwater planet of Earth, he and his fellow cadets are learning to ride Mechas: biomechanicals sporting both incredible grace and devastating firepower. Their ultimate aim is to combat the pirates of the Corsair Confederacy, but before they survive a battle, they have to survive their training.

Because every time Lowell and his comrades "plug in" to their Mechas, their minds are slowly being twisted and broken by an unseen power that is neither man...nor machine.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00