Captive of Pleasure, the Space Pirate's Woman

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Captive of Pleasure, the Space Pirate's Woman

The LodeStar Series Book 3

Joran is the mysterious brother who lives in the wilds of Frontiera with a band of pirates. His reasons for this lifestyle are nebulous but it works for him. He has a different woman every night, doesn't sleep with his officers and is living each day as his last. Women are a pleasure but he forgets them when he's done with them. Until Zae. Or at least he calls her Zae. She is innocence personified with no memories of her past and it draws him like nothing he's ever encountered before. I alternately liked Joran and then thought he was a complete ass. Usual response to men. It wasn't Zae's virginity that attracted him (it was actually off-putting at first, then he got into the spirit of being her one and only). His reactions to Zae were all over the place and that was confusing for the poor confused woman; just what she needed.

Zae is a breath of fresh air with no past, but that doesn't stop her from making some stupid mistakes. She's better than most when listening when told there is danger but has her moments of idiocy. Don't they all? Her struggles with her feelings for Joran could fall under Stockholm Syndrome but really, who wouldn't jump at the chance to be with a man like Joran? With the back-story of illegal sex trade, an ego-maniacal InterGalactic commander and Zae's looming memories this was a read that just chugged along at a nice entertaining pace. Cameo appearances were made by Joran's brothers and their respective women, and we still have Logan's story to finish up. A good series so far.

Book Blurb for Captive of Pleasure, the Space Pirate's Woman

Can a woman with no past inspire a man who is running from his own memories?

As Il Zhazid, 'The Storm', he rules the unsettled prairies of Frontiera, striking ruthlessly at other pirates who dare to enter his territory. Only a few know him as Joran Stark, a man who desires only to live wild and free with his loyal band. Women love him, other pirates fear him and the InterGalactic Space Forces can't control him.

Zae is young, lovely and terrified--a slave paraded before the scum of the galaxy to be sold to the highest bidder. Storm interrupts a lucrative raid to save her, only to discover he can't send her home, because she has no memory of who she is or where she came from. Now he must battle ever-bolder pirates who want his territory and the IGSF officials who want to use him, all with her by his side.

The last thing he ever wanted to be was a hero, but can this damaged woman inspire him to become the man she believes him to be? And within the shelter of his powerful arms, can she finally believe in herself?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00