• On Dec 13, 2016, Tamazon said: Winners

    Our lucky winners are: Annissa T. $25 Amazon Card / Christy M. with a print book / Bonnie J. with an eBook

  • On Dec 10, 2016, pureimaginari said: Hero...

    Heroes come in all sizes...but if it's a hero I'm interested in...taller than least 5' 10".

  • On Dec 09, 2016, mothergoddess said: How tall do you like your heroes?

    I want my Hero to be 6 foot of strong yumminess

  • On Dec 09, 2016, melissacrisp said: Hero

    I like the hero to be 6 to 6.5 feet.

  • On Dec 09, 2016, Renald said: guys

    It doesn't matter how tall , but if I really like him for who he is.

  • On Dec 09, 2016, shorty said: hero's

    I like them to be at least 6 feet

  • On Dec 09, 2016, Bmhy said: Delta Salvation

    I like my heroes tall, 6 ft or a little more.

  • On Dec 08, 2016, JeanMP said: Elle Boon

    6 feet tall or taller

  • On Dec 08, 2016, Llovejoy said: Elle Boon

    Considering im only 5'3", everyone is taller than me. So for me, a man's height is less of an issue. Maybe like 5'10" or so. Too tall and it's just awkward for short people

  • On Dec 08, 2016, mmdevine said: How tall do I like my heroes?

    The taller the better. At least 6 feet or more is what I like most.

  • On Dec 08, 2016, MdotDrizzi said: Tall!

    I like my heros to be on the tall side. I like to feel protected.

  • On Dec 08, 2016, hotone said: hotone says: Wow! giveaway

    is awesome as the cover is also. Would love to win a print copy. Elle, is an amazing author.

  • On Dec 08, 2016, Loveallbooks said: Height

    Like my hero to be 6'' or over

  • On Dec 08, 2016, Mberbeza said: Tall Heroes!

    I love my guys to be around 6 feet. Taller than me, but not so tall that I get a crick in my neck kissing them! ;-)

  • On Dec 07, 2016, Beachreader said: Height

    It's not something I really pay attention to when I'm reading a romance. :)

  • On Dec 07, 2016, onyiakpanisi said: Height

    I like my heroes to be 6"

  • On Dec 07, 2016, Queenbethanny said: Height

    6 feet plus

  • On Dec 07, 2016, Michelle Willms said: Heroes

    I like my heroes to be, at a minimum, 6' tall. Taller is even better. 6'2" - 6'4" is even better. Tall men are simply yummy.

  • On Dec 07, 2016, kittykittykatkat said: Tallness?

    I like them 5'6 or 5'7

  • On Dec 07, 2016, shadowwolf said: my take

    I like them taller then me. :) 6 feet works fine for me.

  • On Dec 07, 2016, debbiew said: Awesome

    Love Elle's books!

  • On Nov 13, 2016, Carol L said: Giveaway

    I'd lve to enter for print copy or GC. Great cover.