• On Mar 28, 2017, Charmaine Gordon said: Important to Cut

    I've read it's important to cut was and that. So many thoughts go through a writer's mind. What a wonderful solitary world we live in. Your suggestion is right on target with show not tell. You add a perfect example to set a scene. Thanks so much. I'm always willing to learn.

  • On Mar 09, 2017, Tamazon said: Charmaine Gordon

    Excellent idea. I read out loud every day. The errors pop out as if they wait for changes. When a new character shows up, the name floats by like a ticker tape in my head. Fascinating, this world of fiction. Does she really talk like that, I think? She's only five years old. Watch the speech patterns for each character to keep the story real. These are few thoughts I have to share with you today.

    My name is Charmaine Gordon. I have written about eight novels, nine short stories published in three story volumes. I write every day; finish one story and another is ready to begin. I've been writing seven years. We just celebrated my 86th birthday with many more to come. Night Owl reviewed a couple of my early books to my delight!

    Thanks for a fine post.

  • On Jan 23, 2017, stellamarealden said: Love the Tip!

    I so agree! I try to write each sentence to compel the reader into a sleepless night.

    Bwha ha ha...

    ... just one more chapter and I swear I'll go to sleep....

  • On Jan 23, 2017, TraceyP said: So that's why I'm addicted

    Kelly Moran, you sure have done that plenty of times. Love reading your books.

    Great tips all!

  • On Jan 23, 2017, Tamazon said: Great Tip

    Great tip Anna Campbell! Cherry Adair also believes heavily in that finishing the book is key. She even has a year challenge for aspiring authors where she gives them encouragement, prizes and the chance to have their finished piece get in front of an agent or editor. Cherry is an invaluable resource for those authors wanting to get published and take the next steps. The Finish The Damn Book Challenge link is below. Make sure to get signed up before the registration closes.

  • On Jan 19, 2017, JbeanC said: Great advice, but then what?

    Thank you Anna! You are so right- the finishing part.

    I've got 4 things 'in the works', 2 have a The End- but that's where I don't know whether to keep plugging and querying or self publish or what.

    One is middle grade (the most finished- working on edits), then a YA, then two women's fiction that I can't wait to get back into.

    Thanks again, even though I know to write everyday, it still helps to have a pro like Anna Campbell give a little nudge.

  • On Jan 19, 2017, Forsyth said: Finish the darn book!

    Sage advise from one of the best!

  • On Jan 19, 2017, stellamarealden said: Re: Finishing your book!

    I'm a HUGE fan of yours, Anna! What great advice and timely. I'm on page 133 of 144 of my next novel. My mantra? Writer's write! Now I can add yours to it. Writers write and finish!

  • On Jan 09, 2017, Tamazon said: Thanks

    Thanks Stella and Sabrina for sharing. Super excited here. We've had quite a few authors sign up to also share their tips in the coming weeks.

  • On Jan 09, 2017, stellamarealden said: TIP: Don't stop to edit

    I love Elle's tip! I write every weekday from 5:30AM until 8:00Am without fail and more on the weekend.

    My tip is to finish the story and ignore everything else. Go back and edit later.

    For me, that means the first draft I write is mostly dialog.

  • On Jan 09, 2017, Sabrina York said: TIP: Remember You Are NOT Alone!

    I met Elle years ago. In fact, she won my first tiara!

    This makes me reflect that one of the most important resources we have is our friendships and relationships. Take the time to connect, reconnect and foster relationships with authors and other industry professionals. Yes, it could have a powerful impact on your career (Right place, right time, right friends etc) but it is also critical to help offset the isolation of our careers!

    You are not alone in this!