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  • It All Began With Nora Roberts - Diane Benefiel's Reading Journey

    Ever fall in love with a fictional hero? I mean in love kind of love . Like heart palpitations, sweaty palms, I-can’t-breathe kind of love. Having to wait to pick up that book again is sheer torture. Many years ago when I first started reading romance,...

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  • 5 Romance Recommendations 3.6.19

    This week we have five wonderful romance novels including some young adult fantasy ones. The Bear Who Loved Me - Grizzlies Gone Wild, #1 Four Dead Queens Legion - Xian Warriors Book 1 Shadow of the Fox, Shadow of the Fox, #1 Flame in the Mist - Flame...

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  • I’m a Rescue Cat Wrangler. What are you? - Kim Redford

    Author Question: What is a RCW aka Rescue Cat Wrangler and how can we support cat rescues? Have you ended up keeping any? How could anyone resist the beseeching—or resigned to unkind fate—eyes of crystalline brown, blue, amber, or green of...

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  • The Temptation of Jaguar Shifters by Terry Spear

    Romance author Terry Spear joins us today to share the temptation of jaguar shifters. Plus she has a print cover book giveaway. (USA only) What makes jaguars such a tempting romance novel shifter class? Jaguars prowl, ambush, pounce. There’s something...

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  • The Thrill of the Dark Brooding Hero by Amy Sandas

    Amy Sandas' stops over to share some book recommendations and talk about the thrill of the dark brooding hero. Plus she has a print cover book giveaway. (USA only) I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all have our personal catnip when it comes...

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