Mars Evacuees

Mars Evacuees by Sophia McDougall is a novel about Alice Dare, the daughter of a flying ace in the war against an alien race called the Morrors. They are a cold loving race whose home planet has been destroyed. When they help humanity overcome global warming, however, they take it too far. As the ice sheets advance on England, Alice and many other youths of varying ages are evacuated to Mars to be trained as pilots in the Earth Defense Force. All goes well on the partially terraformed Mars until the day all the adults disappear. Then Alice and her friends discover that Mars is being eaten by giant worms - and Earth could be next!

At the beginning of this book, the author draws you into the main character, Alice, before I even know that she’s a girl. Her mother is an ace fighter pilot who can see the aliens who are invisible. Throughout the book, I watched Alice trying to follow in her mother’s footsteps and live up to the high standards that everyone expects from her predecessor.

Alice’s friends, as characters, are a bit flat compared to her. As an example, her friend, Josephine, is a stereotypical brain which is the only part of her that is relevant to what’s being told. This doesn’t interfere with the story very much. There were quite a few twists and turns in the story. The first big one was when all the adults disappeared. It was in that dramatic moment that set up the rest of the book. First you wonder how Alice and her friends are going to survive the gang mentality that takes over the children. Then the escape in the spaceship you wonder how they’re going to survive on mars. The story only gets better.

Book Blurb for Mars Evacuees

From bestselling UK author Sophia McDougall comes one fresh and funny, adventure-filled tween debut about a group of kids evacuated to Mars! Perfect for fans of Artemis Fowl, this laugh-out-loud series is packed with nonstop fun. When Earth comes under attack by aliens, hilarious heroine Alice Dare and a select group of kids are sent to Mars. But things get very strange when the adults disappear into thin air, the kids face down an alien named Thsaaa, and Alice and her friends must save the galaxy!

For when plucky twelve-year-old Alice Dare learns she's being taken out of the Muckling Abbott School for Girls and sent to another planet, no one knows what to expect. This is one wild ride that will have kids chuckling the whole way through.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50