The Silent Dragon

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The Silent Dragon

Children of The Dragon Nimbus #1

It’s hard to find a good dragon story, so it was refreshing to read The Silent Dragon by Irene Radford. An accomplished fantasy author, Radford has weaved a magical, captivating adventure that was hard to put down. I enjoyed reading this novel that was so well-written. It is full of fantasy, magic, action, adventure, mystery and excitement. There was not one single fault I found with this story or with the writing and I was pleased to see that the dragons got a lot of “page time” in this story.

I really felt for the young character, Glenndon. At first, he can’t speak, so I felt bad for him as he had to endure mean comments from people who didn’t know why he was quiet so much and couldn’t really talk. Even though Glenndon can communicate with his mind, he does yearn to speak and for a while this is a big part of the story. My heart also went out to young Valeria, one of the twins fathered by the magician Jaylor. She is so fragile and sweet. I liked how she interacted with her twin, Lillian, in such a twin way, how they used their own signals and how the two of them were so inseparable. The author really understood the mystical bond between twins, and in a story of magic, that is definitely made very clear in how the twins relate to each other. The oldest daughter of the king, Linda, is another character I liked. She’s smart, strong and brave, but also kind and compassionate. She definitely has the qualities expected of a queen, though she’d much rather share her throne rather than allow a kingly husband to have all the power and rule over her.

There is a lot of magic that happens in this story. The magic is not overdone, however, and the dragons also play important roles in the story. The dragons are not fire-breathing monsters that are feared or hated; they are healers, warriors, friends and leaders. The dragons have some kind of mystical attachment to their friends, especially in Valeria’s case, and this was a very interesting part of the story that added to its appeal. Even though I felt this is a good novel for the YA audience, it’s still a novel that I, an adult, enjoyed reading, only because I enjoy reading fantasy and dragon stories so much, and this story is true fantasy through and through. I was intrigued with explanations of how certain spells and magic were performed and it was interesting to see how the magicians used a “scrying bowl” to communicate with someone far away. A magician’s version of a cell phone!

The Silent Dragon was an awesome fantasy novel to read and I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy novels or novels with dragons and magicians.

In a world on the brink of war, King Darville is pressured to produce an heir for his kingdom. His wife only bore daughters and can no longer have children. While his oldest daughter, Linda, proves she would make a formidable queen and just as good an heir as a son, Darville’s council will not accept her as a ruler. In fact, they’d rather have Linda marry a prince just so that the new king would be a suitable alternative to the throne. Darville’s daughter is still a teen, not yet eighteen, so the king doesn’t want her to marry. He suggests something else: A child he fathered with another woman. This boy, Glenndon, is of age and Darville feels he can teach his illegitimate son everything he needs to know to be king. Yet Glenndon has spent his life raised in a family of magic and magicians, so he finds it hard to adjust to life in a kingdom where magic is forbidden. Still, he remains with his father and his family, even though he assures the man who raised him that in his heart, that man and his wife will always be his REAL parents. Even so, Glenndon must remain at the palace, and perhaps this is a good thing because there is treachery in the kingdom. Treachery and a quest for vengeance that could mean the end of all dragons and magic forever – unless Glenndon and his sister, Linda, are brave enough to put a stop to it.

Book Blurb for The Silent Dragon

In a realm on the brink of war, will an unsuspected heir to the kingdom of Coronnan and to magic long-banished from the land offer the only hope for survival?

Glenndon--son of witchwoman Brevelan and Jaylor, Senior Magician and Chancellor of the University of Magicians--has never spoken aloud. He has no need because his telepathic talent is strong and everyone associated with the University can "hear" him. He can throw master-level spells, but because he will not speak, Jaylor has refused to promote him from apprentice to journeyman magician. Still, everyone knows it is only a matter of time until Glenndon will take his rightful place at the University.

Then an urgent missive arrives from King Darville. The Council of Provinces is near rebellion over the king's lack of a male heir. Rather than see his fourteen-year-old daughter, Rosselinda, married off just to procure an heir, he orders his illegitimate son Glenndon to Coronnan City to become his successor. And suddenly Glenndon's world is in chaos. The man he's always known as his father is not. Instead he is the son of the king. But in this city where court politics can prove deadly and where magic is forbidden, the young man must hide his talents even as he struggles to find his voice and his destiny.

And one slip could see Glenndon, Darville, Rosselinda, and even Jaylor doomed, for the lords and the people fear magic more than potential invasion, legendary monsters, and civil war.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00