Beyond Fate

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Beyond Fate

Fate of the Gods, #3

I was so scared that the ending of this wonder story was going to be ruined. This book has had one of the most complicated love triangles, deity blending that I've ever had the opportunity to read! And I have to say that all readers and authors should read this series. Because, THIS is how to end a series!

This book was even more complex than the other Fate of the Gods stories. I loved it the best. It was a great complex story with wonderful characters and an even greater ending.

This wonder trilogy will leave the reader wanting to reread the series.

Go Into This One Knowing

Don’t read this series out of order! Have all of them to read one after the other. There is a Love Triangle and a mush of deities. DONT MISS!!!

Book Blurb for Beyond Fate

When Adam left Eve, abandoning his wife and their newborn daughter Elah, he thought he was saving the world. But he hadn't counted on the influence of Michael, twisting Elah's love for her parents into paranoia, or the slow, leaching death of the world she rules. How could he have known the blame for the world turning barren would fall on Eve?

Eve only had two years to teach her daughter love, to cement Elah's sense of morality and ensure the safety of all Creation. Even with the help of Raphael, Elah is becoming her father's daughter, a master manipulator, and she's determined to have her way, even if it means betraying her own mother's trust.

With Loki and the Aesir gone, Thor thinks he’s protected Eve from the ravages of Ragnarok, but there are forces in play even the gods can’t see. When Thor arrives in Eve's next life, offering her everything she ever wanted from Adam, and more — eternity without death or rebirth, and the freedom to live outside of her daughter's reach — Eve is more than tempted. Being part of the world has grown physically painful. If she can escape to Asgard, maybe she can live again. Maybe she can love again.

But can the world survive with only Adam to protect it?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 5.00